How might we create a visual language for a start up competition?

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The Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry commissioned me to create a visual identity for a competition for Warsaw’s startups. The event was aimed at selecting a group of entrepreneurs getting a chance to take part in the Start-up Week in Düsseldorf in Germany.


Three organizations: The Polish Institute in Düssedorf, The Municipality Office of Warsaw and The Polish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry have decided to join their forces in the arrangement promoting Polish entrepreneurship on the German market while giving selected entrepreneurs from technological field the opportunity to try their hand in an international start-up competition. The promoting campaign was to take place in social media and on the screens in public transport throughout Warsaw.


Creating a visual language, which inspires and attracts technological start-up owners for applying to the competition.


Multiple brainstorming and sketching sessions oscillating around combinations of creativity and technology brought me to the idea of blending the aesthetics of Piet Mondrian's paintings - a pioneer of abstract art and a simple QR code.


I developed a visual language consisting of decorative constellations of various sizes rectangles combined with sans-serif typography. The color palette made up of basic colors, closely alluded to the modernist paintings.

Branding applications appeared all over the city and on social media, urging to take part in the competition.

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